About North American Ltd.

Who We Are?

The main activity of North American Ltd. company is trading with electrical goods, equipment and raw materials for their production.

Since establishment, North American is building its market position patiently and persistently by performing all business activities professionally and fulfilling its obligations, requirements and expectations from business partners, employees and owners. This was, and remains, its primary interest in future business! The company has confirmed its efficacy through delivery of electrical equipment and materials for production in the cable industry (copper wire, aluminum wire, steel wire, PVC granulate, PVC powder, bedding compound, Poliethilen, zinc, etc.). North American is selling final products of cable industry: all kinds of cables, wires, ACSR ropes, self-supporting and underground cables, galvanized steel strips and others.

North American fosters good business relations with the largest manufacturers and users of electro technical goods, equipment and raw materials for their production in Serbia. As a result, the company is for all of them desirable business partner, both as a buyer and as a supplier, due to its solvency, and because of the orientation on the long-term business cooperation and professionalism in business.

Material potential of the company today is such that it allows a variety of goods on its own stocks constantly, in quantities that meet the needs of business partners. We are recognized as a reliable, expeditious and secure partner that adheres to the agreement. We offer a wide range of electrical materials and accessories, working directly with factories in Serbia and reliable foreign partners.

The vision of the company is: functional internal organization; professional and hardworking staff; increasing our participation on the market of electrical goods, equipment and raw materials for their production, as well as the creation of a recognizable "brand name" for our company. Accordingly, future direction and development goals of the company are aimed at creating conditions for continuous improvement of the functioning of the strategic functions: market, development, commercial, financial, human resources.

For ensuring the functioning of the commercial, developmental and financial functions, North American’s activities are directed towards: the achievement of real purchase price; relative reduction in operating costs in relation to total revenue; increasing the level of recoverability within the timeframe defined by the assumed contractual obligations - all in order to accelerate the turnover coefficient, and on this basis to create conditions to reduce the price of services, which leads to an increase in the company's competitive position in the market.

In order to ensure the functioning of the market function, the company continues to promote the business cooperation with current strategic partners, but also establishes business relationships with new clients, both buyers and suppliers! By strengthening its human and material base, increasing the motivation of employees, continuous modernization and upgrading operations, the company will strive to maintain the acquired primacy as a specialized organization on the domestic market of electrical goods, equipment and raw materials for their production.


Quality Policy

Based on the established Business Policy of the Company for trade and services North American from Belgrade, Dobračina Street 48/II, in accordance with its authorisations, and upon the proposal of the Quality Committee, the following Statement on Quality and Environmental Policy is made.

General Data

Company for production, domestic and foreign trade and services North American doo was founded on 16.02.1990. and registered as a private company with full responsibility in the commercial register 16.02.1990. year, in conformity with the Law on Enterprises and the Law on Classification of Activities, which was performed by registration in the commercial register of the Commercial Court in Belgrade on 21.10.1998. the registration entry no. 1-65120-00 and from the said date operates under the name:

"North American" Company for Trade and Services Ltd.
Beograd, Dobračina 48/II
Phone: +381 (0)11/328 22 29, 328 22 16
Statistic number: 07371306
Activity Code: 4669
PIB: 101512190

16.08.2005. the decision number 454/2005; company is registered in the Company Register at the Business Registers Agency.

The corporate headquarters is located in Belgrade, Dobračina 48 / II. In addition to office space where the headquarters of the company, North American uses the storage space in Belgrade, Bulevar Despota Stefana 115a.

A company employs young and expert staff, but also staff who have years of experience in performing our activities. Currently, the company employs 15 workers, of whom 50% are university and college graduates who, with their knowledge, experience, flexibility and optimism meet the needs of the market representing the basis of quality and ongoing operations in all segments of the existence of the company in a complex and competitive market. The educational structure is dominated by employees where the economics profession qualified to successfully manage complex business processes and responds to market demands.


North American Ltd is engaged in transportation of goods both in domestic and international road transport. It has three trucks with EURO 3 and EURO 5 emissions standard, capacity 24 to 25 tons, as well as a van carrying capacity of 1.6 tons. Every vehicle that carries the transport possesses CMR insurance and is equipped with a satellite tracking system, so that at any moment we can know where our vehicle is located.

We have all the necessary certificates for international and domestic road transport of goods.